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Frequently Asked Questions

Providing answers and solutions to guide your experience

We want your banking experience to be a pleasant one. To assist you, we provide some common questions we receive about various services and the answers you need. If you have further questions, please stop by a branch, call Commercial Bank at 1-888-518-7053 between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, or submit a contact us form. We are always happy to assist you.
CBTC Online Banking allows you to access your Commercial Bank accounts and obtain balance information, perform account transfers and statement retrieval, download account history or transactions, and stop payments, all online.
Please view our CBTC Digital Banking Agreement & Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure. After you have read and understood the terms and conditions, proceed to CBTC Online Banking Self-Enrollment.

CBTC Online Banking services are best viewed with the most recent releases of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, or Safari. Please note that utilizing older browsers may result in disabled functionality or limited access to services. The browser must support 128-bit SSL encryption. If your browser does not, we suggest updating your browser for added security.
We follow strict standards to provide for the security of your banking information online. A few of these standards are listed below:

  • Your banking information never travels the Internet without encryption protection.
  • Login sessions have a time-out limit requiring you to login again once the limit is reached.
  • Online Banking password guessing is deterred and reported.
We are constantly developing and implementing security enhancements to ensure the integrity of our online banking system.
  • Memorize your password. Your user ID, password, and 2FA verify you when you begin an online banking session with Commercial Bank.
  • DO NOT use the save password option on your computer.
  • DO NOT write down your password or reveal it to anyone.
  • Change your password regularly.
  • Remember to log off by opening the menu at the bottom left of the screen and selecting “Sign Off”. You may not always be at your computer when you bank online. Therefore, while in an open banking session, it is important to log off by clicking on “Sign Off” when you are finished banking or when you leave the room for a few moments. For your protection, Commercial Bank automatically logs you off after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • Use the built-in security features of your browser. Choosing certain security settings and options will help protect the privacy of your accounts and personal information. The Help Option or Properties on your browser should provide you with the security options available on your system.
  • If you feel your online user ID, password, or 2FA has been stolen or compromised, please notify Commercial Bank immediately at 1-888-518-7053.
To reset your user ID or password, visit our Account Recovery page. If you need further assistance, call Commercial Bank at 1-888-518-7053 between the hours of 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. After proper ID verification, Commercial Bank will give you instructions regarding your user ID, password, or PIN.

For security purposes, the system is set with a default feature for a 10-minute time-out. If the system is not used for 10 minutes, the user will be inactive and will have to log in again.
No, online banking is free with any personal or business account at Commercial Bank.
With Digital Banking at Commercial Bank, you can access your checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts, Certificates of Deposit, Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs), loans, and lines of credit.
You may transfer funds from a savings, checking, money market account, or line of credit to a loan, line of credit, savings, checking, or money market account. Certificates of Deposit and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) have only viewing capabilities.
The cut-off transfer time is 7:00 P.M. CST Monday through Friday and does not include holidays or bank-declared holidays.
Do not immediately "reload" the transfer. First, check the account the transfer was drawn on, and then check the account status of the account to which the funds were transferred. If no debits or credits appear on your accounts, then the transfer was incomplete. Only then should you "reload" the transfer.
Account information is “real time.” When transfers are made online, the debit and credit will appear in each account once the system gives a confirmation number. Suppose you make a withdrawal at an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) or use a debit card. In that case, the information is posted to your account as soon as Commercial Bank receives the data from either the ATM vendor or merchant.
You will be able to enroll and view your information the next business day.
Yes, you can download account information to Quicken, QuickBooks, or a spreadsheet program such as Excel. The information may also be saved as text and exported to your favorite word processing software.
When downloading account information, save the information to a designated file folder on your computer or specify the destination required for Quicken or QuickBooks. To retrieve the saved account information, please follow the instructions on your software application (Quicken, QuickBooks, etc.).

Bill Pay is a service that allows you to pay virtually anyone or any company through your online banking account. You determine whom you want to pay, when you want to make the payment, and which account you want the payment to come from. It's safe, secure, and easy to use.
You can pay virtually any business or individual with a mailing address within the United States and Puerto Rico. For example, you can pay utilities, cable bills, credit cards, or individuals such as a landlord, babysitter, or relative.
It’s easy to enroll in Bill Pay. Just log into your account and click the "Bill Pay" link to access the short enrollment form.

Here's a quick list of the many ways you can benefit from using Bill Pay.

  1. Save time. With Bill Pay, you can receive and pay your bills online, all in one place. That means no more visiting multiple websites to pay bills or trips to the post office to mail checks. In addition, smart features such as recurring payments allow you to automate regular bill payments.
  2. Save money. Paying bills online saves on postage, envelopes, late fees, and checks. If you pay just ten bills per month, you can easily save over $110.00* per year.
  3. Stay organized. Your payment history is stored in your online account, so you won't have to sort through paper receipts or visit multiple websites to access past transactions.
  4. Gain peace of mind. Paying bills electronically means no risk of mailed checks getting lost or stolen. Plus, you can stop worrying about missing a bill payment when you set up reminders and automated recurring payments.
  5. Help the environment by saving paper. With Bill Pay, there are no checks to write or envelopes to mail. That's good news for you and the environment.

*Savings are approximate and based upon the average annual cost of stamps, envelopes, and checks required for paying ten bills per month.

The first step is to add a payee, the person, or company you wish to pay. Here’s how easy it is:

  1. Log in to your account and click the "Bill Pay" link.
  2. Click the "Add a Payee" button on your home page dashboard.
  3. Enter the requested information. Typically this information can be found on your latest bill statement.

Once you add your payee, you can start making payments in seconds.

  1. Find your payee on the payments dashboard.
  2. Enter the payment amount, date, and then submit.
Payments are sent one of two ways—electronically or by paper checks. The majority of payments are delivered electronically. Your payment information, such as your account number, is sent via secure transmission. All other payments are made by paper checks that are mailed via the U.S. Postal Service.
Paying bills online is one of the safest ways to pay your bills. Bill Pay helps guard against identity theft from lost or stolen checkbooks, bills, and statements. It also increases your privacy because only you can access your account information, account numbers, and payment history. As a result, you maintain tighter control of your account with real-time access to your payments activity.
Generally, your payment is received within two to seven days, depending on whether it is sent electronically or via paper check.
Most scheduled payments are sent electronically, and funds are withdrawn from your account on the payment date.

Yes, you can set up recurring payments in the following frequencies:

  • Weekly
  • Bi-weekly
  • Semi-monthly
  • Monthly
  • Bi-monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Semi-annually
  • Annually
Bill Pay will display an estimated arrival date for your payment when the payment is entered. However, we recommend allowing 3-4 business days for electronic payments and 5-7 business days for check payments. Please note that we have no control over the U.S. Postal Service.
You may add, edit or delete electronic payments up to 7:00 a.m. CST for the first processing and up to 2:00 p.m. CST for the second processing on the day the payment is sent. Check payments may be edited or deleted up to 3:00 p.m. CST on the day the payment is scheduled to be sent.
When setting up a recurring payment, you will select whether to pay an item before or after the weekend or holiday. The default option is to make the payment before the recurring date.
eBill is a feature that allows you to receive and pay electronic versions of paper bills directly from your Bill Pay account. Click here for an eBill Get Started Guide.
eBills are delivered directly to your Bill Pay account. Once you set up an individual eBill for a company you do business with, an eBill comes directly from that payee to your account. Examples of businesses that offer eBills are cable service providers, phone service providers, utility providers and credit card companies.
You may continue to receive paper statements for the next two or three billing cycles. Contact your payee for more details on their paper statement policy.
If a payee offers eBill, there will be a “Set up eBill” link next to their listing on your Bill Pay dashboard.

If you are receiving eBill summaries from your payee and full bill statements become available, you will see a button that reads “Request eBill PDF.”
With eBill, everything you need is in one convenient location. Using eBill allows you to streamline your bill pay routine and have online access to your bills. That means you won't have to keep track of paper bills. Also, you can view past bill statements at a glance.
If available for your payee, your full bill statement will be delivered to your account. That means you can view all statement information, including transactions, payment history, credits, and more.
If full eBill details are not available for your payee, you will receive a summary eBill statement that includes the balance due, due date, and minimum payment amount.
To pay an eBill, simply choose the account you want to pay from, enter the amount you want to pay, and schedule when you want the payment delivered.
You can sign up to receive an electronic notice to alert you when an eBill has been delivered to your account. You can receive these notices in the form of emails or text alerts to provide an extra reminder when a payment is due.
Pay a Person is a convenient feature for consumer accounts that allows you to make person-to-person payments electronically to anyone you choose, such as a landlord, babysitter, or relative. Sending money electronically is faster, more convenient, and more secure than sending a check. And even when a paper check is necessary, online bill pay can save you time. That’s because we mail your check directly to the recipient, which saves you a trip to the post office. When you add a payee, simply choose to add an individual rather than a company or business.

With GiftPay, you don’t have to worry about stamps or trips to the post office. Plus, GiftPay gift checks cost less than most greeting cards but still offer a range of colorful designs to suit the occasion and the option for personalization. This helpful feature allows you to easily send a gift check or charitable donation from your online bill pay account.  Just add the name and address of the gift check recipient or charity. For donations, you can enter the charity of your choice or simply select from our broad list of popular charities.

  • To send a gift check, choose a check design for the occasion and add a personalized message to the recipient.
  • Donation checks can be sent in memory or in appreciation of someone you wish to honor. You can also send a personalized email message to notify others of your donation.
  • We send the gift or donation check to the recipient. Funds are withdrawn when the check is cashed.

Mobile Banking is a free service from Commercial Bank & Trust that allows you to access information, complete transfers between your Commercial Bank accounts and pay bills from your smartphone.

Download our free app for iOS(Opens in a new Window) or Android and log in with your Digital Banking user ID and password. If you are not currently enrolled, you can view our Digital Banking Self-Enrollment Guide for information on how to sign up.

Commercial Bank Mobile Banking works with any web-enabled mobile device whose network allows secure SSL traffic. Check with your provider to ensure your device is supported.
With Commercial Bank Mobile Banking, your account information is not stored on your cell phone. Therefore, your account number and other confidential information cannot be stolen from a lost or stolen phone.
If you simply get a new phone but are using the same phone number and provider, no changes are necessary. Simply download the app to your new phone and log in with your current credentials.

With Mobile Banking, you can:

  • View transaction history
  • View account balances
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Pay bills to existing payees

Yes, just go to to access our site. If your device is web-enabled and allows secure SSL traffic, you will be able to log in to your account. However, confirmation text messages (SMS) confirming transfers and bill payments will be sent to the device you sign-up with, not the device you are using.
Yes. Just go to the Bill Pay option within our App. From the Activity tab, you may click on any scheduled payment to make changes or delete the payment. To add a payment, tap the plus sign. From the Payees tab, you can view a list of existing payees or setup new payees by tapping the Add Payee icon at the top of the screen.
Each time you make a transfer or a bill payment with Mobile Banking, a confirmation text message (SMS) will be sent to your cell phone. If you do not receive the confirmation message, double-check to make sure the transaction went through, especially if your cell phone loses signal.
Check your phone's settings and documentation to ensure that your keypad is not set to Alpha-only. For some keypads, you may have to press the button associated with the number more than once to make a number appear.

When you complete a transaction from your mobile device (bill payment, funds transfer, etc.) you will receive an SMS Text Message as confirmation that the transaction was successful. If you do not receive this message due to a dropped call or lost signal, check your accounts and resubmit any transactions that did not process.

IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: Use ONLY the navigation buttons provided in mobile banking to return to the previous page or navigate to other pages during a session. Do not use the "back" or "clear" key on your cell phone to return to previous pages. Use of the "back" or "clear" key on many phones may result in incorrect information provided to subsequent inquiries in that session.
Traveling outside of the United States is a great way to discover new places and new things. To ensure that your travels are stress-free, do some financial planning ahead of time and follow these tips.

Before You Travel

Simply call us at 888-518-7053, give us the dates and locations that you’ll be traveling, and we’ll make sure your charges are approved. You may also want to contact your credit card company if you plan to carry a credit card with you to notify them of your travel plans.
You can always use your Mastercard debit card as a debit by inputting your 4-digit PIN. Due to the high rate of fraudulent activity in foreign countries, international credit transactions on your Mastercard debit card are normally blocked. Just let us know that you will need to use your card as a credit, and we’ll temporarily remove the block from your card during your travel. You’ll be able to sign and be on your way.
In case you lose your wallet, you’ll still have the contact numbers to report your cards lost/stolen.
If you’re leaving for an extended period of time, use Online Banking to set up payments for recurring bills. This will help you avoid any late charges while you are traveling.
 In addition to your Mastercard debit card, consider carrying a credit card just in case. Also, consider taking the local currency and exchanging your currency before you go. Merchants may accept foreign currency, but they also may charge a high exchange rate. Let us know what you need, and we can get your foreign currency the next day.

Commercial Bank and Trust Company’s Mobile Deposit allows you to deposit checks to your checking or savings account using the camera on your iPhone® or Android™ device.

To use Commercial Bank Mobile Deposit, you must have a Digital Banking login, be enrolled for Mobile Banking, have the latest version of our app, and have a smartphone.

The iPhone App version downloaded must be version 2.7.6ps or greater. The Android App version must be version 2.0.0 or greater.

Download our free app for iOS(Opens in a new Window) or Android  here.
No. You will need to enroll in Mobile Deposit. See the step-by-step instructions here.
In order to be eligible for Mobile Deposit, you must have demonstrated financial responsibility with all Commercial Bank accounts. If your application is approved, you will receive an email notification from that your Commercial Bank Mobile Deposit is ready to use.


By default, CONSUMER limits are:

  • Daily Check Limit: 5
  • Daily Dollar Limit: $2,000
  • Monthly Check Limit: 20
  • Monthly Dollar Limit: $5,000

By default, SMALL BUSINESS limits are:

  • Daily Check Limit: 20
  • Daily Dollar Limit: $5,000
  • Monthly Check Limit: 60
  • Monthly Dollar Limit: $10,000
No. You can log in using your existing Digital Banking ID and password.
Currently, there is no fee or charge assessed by us for you to enroll in or use our Mobile Deposit service; however, we may assess fees or charges in the future. Should we assess fees in the future, you will receive notice as required by law. Any fees associated with your standard deposit account(s) will continue to apply. You may, however, incur charges to receive internet service on your mobile device from your wireless carrier. You may also incur charges from your wireless carrier when sending and receiving text messages. You will be solely responsible to your wireless carrier for any such internet or text messaging charges.
Deposits received by 4pm Central Time are processed that business day. Deposits received after 4pm Central Time are processed on the next business day. Weekend or holiday deposits are also processed on the next business day.
Mobile Deposits will generally be made available to you on the same business day as the deposit date, provided that the deposit is received before 4pm. You will be able to see your deposit after our nightly processing.
Yes, you may enroll any of your checking or savings accounts for Mobile Deposit.

Most checks made payable to you and drawn on a bank within the United States can be deposited through Commercial Bank’s Mobile Deposit.

Here are some examples of check types that cannot be deposited through Mobile Deposit:

  • Travelers checks
  • Savings bonds
  • Foreign checks or checks not payable in US currency
  • Checks payable to you and another party, unless deposited into an account in the name of all payees
  • Checks payable to any person other than you (the account owner)
  • Checks that have been altered
  • Checks dated more than six months prior to the date of deposit
Only one check is allowed per deposit. You can make as many single check deposits as you need to, up to your daily dollar and item limit.
  1. Launch the Commercial Bank Mobile Banking application and log in
  2. Choose the “Deposits” tab. For iPhones, click on “More” first, and then select “Deposits”
  3. Click “Front of Check” to take a picture of the front of the check
  4. Click “Back of Check” to take a picture of the back of the check
  5. Choose the Account where the check needs to be deposited
  6. Enter the Amount of the check
  7. Click “Deposit

Here are some tips for taking good photos of your checks:

  • Ensure the check is well-lit
  • Place the check on a dark, non-reflective background
  • Remove all other objects from the frame
  • Make sure all four corners of the check are captured in the picture
  • Position the camera directly above the check
No, there is no need to use a deposit slip. We will create an electronic deposit slip to post the deposit to your account.

Yes, all checks should be endorsed with the following to ensure timely processing:

  • Signature
  • "For Mobile Deposit Only CBTC"
Securely store the paper check until you see the deposit in your account (after nightly processing). Then write, “ELECTRONICALLY DEPOSITED” on the face of the check. Please securely retain the original check for 14 days. After the 14-day retention period, you may shred the check(s).