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Lockbox Services

Lockbox Services

Process payments quickly and reduce float time of payments.

Lockbox Service Benefits

  • Process and deposit checks
  • Automate payment posting
  • Access to detailed reports

How Lockbox Services Work

  • This service allows companies to reduce float time of payments and assist with the clerical duties associated with processing your payments
  • We will open a Post Office Box and retrieve your company’s mail daily
  •  A detailed report will be prepared on the checks received, and the money will be deposited into an account designated by you
  • All check stubs and correspondence received will be bundled together and sent to you each day
*Monthly service charges may apply.
For more information, please contact us at or at
*Please DO NOT include any account numbers, social security numbers or any sensitive personal financial information in your emails to us. Information you submit via email is not encrypted and can potentially be read by others.